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Texam Holdem Poker

Limit Texas Hold'em is a betting game that is fixed including small bets and big bets. Small bets are used in the first two rounds of betting while big bets are used in the third and fourth rounds of betting. In terms of entities, it is always useful to know that big bets are always equal to double the sum of small bets. A player at the table assumes the role of dealer / dealer; In a casino or in a semi-professional game this person generally has a "plastic button" in front of him that indicates his role and which gives the name to the game position called button.

The action begins with the player sitting on the left side of the blind (the number 3, also known as the "under the gun"). This player has the ability to abandon his hand (throwing his folded cards in the middle of the table, in English "fold"), see (put the same amount on the table counter, in English, "call") or relaunch (putting two Small bets in front of him, in English "raise"). Once the first player chooses how to proceed, the move moves to the number 4 spot (the player sitting on the left-hand side of the number 3 position), which has the option to leave, see, raise, or raise again (but Only if he was relaunched before him). Bets continue clockwise until each player who has left his hand or contributed to the pot with the same amount of chips.

The cards are dealt and the first player to act (the first to talk) decides to raise. He must then put $ 20 in the pot (two small bets). Players seated at places 4, 5, 6 and 7 opt to leave and throw their cards between losers. The player at number 8 chooses to raise again and must therefore contribute $ 30 in the pot (three small bets). The player sitting at number 9 decides to see and, accordingly, must put $ 30 in the pot (three small bets). The player sitting on the button (the dealer) leaves. The small blind, who already has $ 5 engaged in the pot, sees and, accordingly, must add another $ 25 to the pot ($ 30 in total, equal to three small bets). The action then moves to the counter, who chooses to raise again and then puts $ 40 in the pot (since he had $ 10 in the pot at the start of the hand, he has to put another $ 30, making $ 40 in total bets, equal to four small bets).

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This is called " bet closure ", meaning it is no longer allowed to raise before the start of a new game phase. In each round of bets, only three raises are allowed for a total of four bets. After the closing, the remaining players can only leave or see. The action resumes with the first to speak, which triggers. Once the first round of betting is over and all remaining players have contributed the same to the pot, it's time to flop.